Managing Space Grade RF Device Qualifications

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Managing Space Grade RF Device Qualifications

What quality of on-board devices and components do you think are chosen for space missions? The answer is of course devices and components built to survive the most intense environmental factors presented in space.

To support our partners and industry colleagues, we’ve developed this blog to highlight the most important qualification standards and certifications for space applications as well as environmental factors to consider when selecting space grade materials. Additionally, we’ve included a complete listing of Criteria Labs qualification services and in-house capabilities for devices destined beyond our atmosphere.

Understanding Space Grade Certifications:

When it comes to devices such as Gain Blocks, GaN Power Amplifiers, Multi-chip Modules and Hybrids space organizations such as Boeing, NASA and ViaSat require specific qualification standards and certifications. With the rapid development of space technology over the years governing bodies have established specific certification standards for the design and development of devices and components for space applications. The standards that have been developed are comprehensive and cover all stages of development including; part selection, device manufacturing and device handling. It is important to note that decisions must sometimes be made in order balance cost and risk. Leveraging the below standards in order to make intelligent decisions when making tradeoffs is acceptable.

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Published on 25/07/2021