Taking Advantage Of Outsourced Test Services

Vineet Pancholi | Amkor Technology
Taking Advantage Of Outsourced Test Services

The business model in today’s competitive world of commerce has shifted over recent years to “services.” Companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Google are prime success stories that have advanced the industry with business-enabling services. These economic productivity improvement services allow their customers to focus on product architecture, design and quick time to market. The service provider companies in turn have showcased sizable economic benefits and are largely profitable.

The analogy of such service providers in the integrated device manufacturer (IDM) world has benefited the industry for decades. Amkor Technology is an established company that has offered innovative assembly and test services to all IDMs, both established and start-ups, for more than fifty years.

To serve the diverse needs of world-class semiconductor manufacturers, Amkor offers more than 3000 different package formats and sizes. Packages range from traditional leadframe ICs for through-hole and surface mounting, to those required in high pin count and high-density applications such as stacked die, wafer level, MEMS, optical, flip chip, Through Silicon Via (TSV) and 3D packaging.1 In addition, IC test services have been offered for all assembled products and other ICs for decades. As a result, billions of units are tested for customers each year.

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Published By Amkor Technology, Inc. on 14/05/2021