Sencio B. V.


Functional Packaging Center

Noviotech Campus, Building A
Transistorweg 7
Nijmegen - 6534 AT

About Us

Sencio founded on 1st of January 2011, in Nijmegen, Netherlands is an innovative package and assembly solutions design house for MEMs and sensors systems that bridges the gap between your sensor system and the application.

Sencio’s plastic transfer moulding package solutions offer an optimized application of your sensor system for industrial, automotive, medical and space applications. Our functional packaging technologies range from exposed die-, glass on die- molding up to multi-die chip packaging (SiP = System in Package or MCM = Multi Chip Module), among many others. nCapsulate (Freeform packaging) is a new level of encapsulation, which can be accurately shaped and adapted to the exact requirements of your application. Sencio can also embed electronics and mechanical elements using this nCapsulate -technology, offering a real practical solution that simplifies system challenges like: - improved alignment, - mounting- and sealing-features, - increased measurement accuracy, - greater thermal conductivity and improved efficiency.

All above with a clear view on our prospects and listening to our customers’ requirements and market trends. As we really want to understand what is bothering you, come to us with your problem, not with your solution.


nCapsulate freeform packaging adds new dimensions to semiconductor, sensor, system and MEMS encapsulation. With complete freedom of shape and mechanical system integration you can add extra features to your package to streamline system assembly. Or even integrate your device encapsulation directly into your system housing. In short, nCapsulate helps you improve efficiency and cut costs in system assembly.

For many applications the package can often play as big a role as the silicon. This is most clearly seen with sensors, where sensors and sensor interfaces are typically customized devices. Each device is designed specifically to meet the exact nature of the application, environment and medium that the sensor needs to operate within.

As creative experts in our field, we understand all the different packaging technologies, tools, materials, assembly constraints and potential design restrictions. This expertise has been built up during many years of high volume manufacturing of sensor products for the automotive industry. After going over your review of your specification together, we will help you define your essential requirements and start the package design.

Of course our nCapsulate technology allows you to take your design to a higher level. You can incorporate alignment features, mounting support and even custom shapes. That brings flexibility to secondary housing design to ensure it better fits the needs of the end use case as well as aesthetics. It also helps save assembly time and effort while improving overall efficiency.

Calling on our experience of industrialisation and volume manufacturing, we can deliver functional package volumes from a couple of hundred thousand to several million units per product. Our state-of- the-art, TS16949 certified production and assembly lines in the Netherlands and the Philippines deliver everything from prototypes right up to volume runs of several million units per product. 

Our reputation speaks volumes! In total we have assembled several hundred million units, a significant portion of which are sensor devices for the automotive industry. Therefore your IP (Intellectual Property) is secured. This we guarantee, being an independent subcontractor focusing on our core competence: the functional packaging solution for your device.

As part of our complete assembly service, we can naturally handle your delicate (sensor) wafers with care when preparing them for assembly. We can also offer each assembly stage as stand-alone services, so for example we can manage backgrinding and sawing of wafers and return bare dies to you.

Chip and package thicknesses often need to be tuned, and we can provide this service for wafers up to 8”. We have wide experience of sawing sensors with membranes and our in-house capability includes fully automatic wafer inspection, used to detect both wafer and sawing defects.


As a service supplier we can combine dies, sensors and electronic components from different suppliers into one system – as demonstrated by our MCM molding technology. If the system we assemble for you contains components from different suppliers, we can take over the supply management of the components. This reduces the working capital and material handling required on your side. It also has a positive effect on the cycle time by benefiting from fast feedback.

We have the experience and logistical systems to handle supply management, making your life easier. We only take over the supply management itself. You remain responsible for the component specification and ownership of the system IP. We assure material traceability.